“The Underside of Things” by Jenna Plewes + Free Competition Entry

There haven’t been many things that have come out of 2020 that you could term unerringly beautiful, but Jenna Plewes’ writing in her ‘lockdown collection’ The Underside of Things is certainly one of them.


These poems are a selection from the poems written one a day during lockdown and as we eased out. They are a diary of the poet’s inner journey; a record of the range of emotions and thoughts during those months of isolation that we can all recognise but might find hard to articulate. They run the gamut of frustration, fear, sadness, loneliness and resignation, but also the joy of being part of the natural world and the freedom to do nothing. They are shot through with hope and optimism.

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About Jenna Plewes

Jenna Plewes studied English at Durham University, changed to Social Studies at Edinburgh University. She trained in Medical Social Work, then psychotherapy, working in Hospital and in General Practice. She feels she has come full circle, returning to the writing she sidelined while bringing up her family. Her poems appear in magazines and a number of anthologies. She has published a pamphlet and 5 collections, the latest, The Salt and Sweet of Memory published by Dempsey and Windle in 2019. A Woven Rope, published by V.Press comes out later this year. She and her husband live in Worcestershire with their border collie. They have 2 children and 4 grandchildren

  • Title: The Underside of Things
  • ISBN: 978-1913499440
  • Pages: 52
  • Order from Amazon HERE
  • Order signed and annotated copies direct from Jenna Plewes HERE


“Fine poems with a sureness of touch in implying the universally significant in a scrupulous response to the individual here and now. Written during the covid pandemic, their delicate thoughtful music will haunt and uplift us long after it ends. Jenna Plewes is a master of her craft. Taut, disciplined, telling are the words which come to mind. Waves ‘spread a thin skin on the sand’, seedlings ‘raise green snouts’, horses ‘find in hay a memory of grass’ – in her own words, this poet treads the earth with tenderness and the result is a delight.”

  • Susan Boyle

The Underside of Things takes us on a journey through the Covid-19 crisis for the poet, her family and friends, not forgetting the nuances and contradictions. Many poems refer to shared experiences but there are also new angles and insights. These show the ‘lateral thinking’ typical of Jenna Plewes’ work. For example, she reminds of the reduction of pollution – Gaia “licking herself clean like a cat”; also that we have been sensually deprived (“the dry stuff of our days”) but may have observed the natural world more closely, “fleshy leaves oiled in sunshine”. There are many beautiful poems about nature here.”

  • Dilys Wood, Publisher of Artemis and founder of the Second Light Network of Women Poets

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