“White Label – Cinq” – First Collection Competition : Results

Our White Label competitions are pretty much the foundation for everything that we’re trying to do with Hedgehog, as they aim to find as many first time poets as possible and then try our best to get their work into print.

First collections are special and it is always a buzz to find poets who have put a body of work together that takes your breath away, and I’m pleased to say that this time I’ve chosen two.

All of which is leading up to me hoping that you will join me in congratulating:

1. Elisabeth Kelly, and
2. Elizabeth Barton

on winning the competition and having their debut collections published by the Hedgehog Press during 2021.

As ever it was a ridiculously difficult decision, but I enjoyed every minute of it, so many thanks to everybody that took part.

Thanks again to everybody who entered, it really is appreciated.

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