Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #16 – The Road to Clevedon Pier

Well, blimey – what a week this has been?

So many competition questions answered (and congratulations to all who made the podium.)

Books available direct from the poets all signed and dedicated – something I’m really proud of, although I have had to give-up on the ‘Get it from a Poet’ campaign slogan as apparently nobody wants to wear that T-shirt.

All of which makes me think that we have come a long way in the last couple of years, and indeed the 18 months since we managed to release our first wee book, The Road To Clevedon Pier.

So it seemed a good time to share that special book with you all today.

You can download your copy, by simply clicking on the download link below:

The Road to Clevedon Pier (145 downloads)

Have a lovely weekend.

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