Publication Day – Congratulations to Melissa and Nigel

It may well be a busy competition day today, but I couldn’t let the moment pass without marking the fact that it is indeed the day that Nigel Kent’s ‘Saudade’ and Melissa Fu’s ‘Falling Outside Eden’ are officially published today.

As ever we are more than keen to get you to support our poets by buying copies directly from them, so we are making a quite superb offer.

If you buy a signed copy of one of the titles today or tomorrow – 14th/15th of October 2019 of either:

a. ‘Falling Outside Eden’ direct from Melissa HERE, or

b. ‘Saudade’ direct from Nigel THERE


Forward to me the copy of your receipt from PayPal or acknowledgement from the author, to

I will send you a special Free selection of goodies

But you must do it TODAY or TOMORROW

Oh, and happy Publication Day!

p.s. This only applies if you buy a copy from either Melissa or Nigel, sales from Amazon or other merchants don’t count, sorry 🙁


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