Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #15 Gaynor Kane – A Hat-trick for Kane

It has been a bit of a mad old week around here, lots of plotting and planning, and even a few announcements for collections that will come out in 2020.

And I am really rather chuffed to say that this week’s Free Stickleback for you to lovingly download, is Lady Gaynor Kane’s brilliant nod toward some very brave ladies.


We are of course publishing Gaynor’s debut collection, Memory Forest (not Frost as the odd Muppet has called it)  in the near future, so this gives a wee taste of the quality of her writing before you get a chance to delve deeper.

But you probably knew that.

What you won’t have known is that I am really rather ecstatic to be able to announce that we will also be publishing Gaynor’s debut paperback, full collection in 2020.

So that is a Stickleback, a pamphlet and a  book – the holiest of trinities and henceforth to be known as Kane’s Hat-trick

(ahem, long week, sorry.)

But getting back to the Stickleback, you can download your copy, by simply clicking on the download link below:

Lady Gaynor Kane - Stickleback (148 downloads)


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