Autumn Books: ‘Gifts Without Wrapping’ by Michał Choiński

One of the great things about running a wee poetry press is that poetry comes to you rather than as a reader where you have to spend a lot of time looking for it. Better still, when it comes it can quite literally arrive from anywhere in the world and sometimes, just sometimes it is genius.

Don’t get me wrong, I know the limitations of a one-man-band poetry press and I’m not under any illusions that it is any different for anybody else, but sometimes you just sit down to read a collection by a voice you haven’t heard of before and it totally stuns you.

It was exactly like that the first time I read work from Michał Choiński and his (genuinely) slim volume Gifts Without Wrapping and I am so pleased that you will be able to share it in the near future.

When I started Hedgehog coming on two years ago I had this big idea that it would be a publisher of great, modern collections and this Autumn I think that we are finally getting there with a spectacular list. Michal is a perfect example of that.

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