Autumn Books: ‘the blue hour’ by Mick Yates

I have to say that it feels a bit of a blur at the moment, but a nice blur, a sort of softly abstract shaded blur and given the beautiful artwork on the cover of Mick Yates collection ‘the blue hour’ you can probably see what I mean.

Mick is a poet who’s work I’ve loved from afar for many years in various magazines and if you read Arfur, you’ll know I loved his previous collections too. So I was more than pleased when he agreed for Hedgehog to publish ‘the blue hour’ which is a special collection by any standard.

I have to say, it has been a ropey old year and a lot of the time I wasn’t quite sure whether Hedgehog would ever stop hibernating, but things are looking up now and I truly hope you love the work we have coming out as much as I do.


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