Friday Night is Fish Supper Night #11 – Phil Vernon

I’m not allowed to play favourites when it comes to our Stickleback Poets, but I have to admit the whole thing was a bit of a pet project/mad idea I had dreamed-up and if I am totally honest I wasn’t really sure whether it would work or not.

That was until Phil Vernon delivered his take on the whole concept, as along with those from Gaynor Kane and André Naffis-Sahely which arrived on the same day, I just knew that each of them, whilst looking similar, could be a unique and beautifully individual slice of special entirely on their own terms. Because of course it is about what the poet has to say, not the fish on the front.

To download your copy, just click on the download link below:

Phil Vernon (20 downloads)

I realise that I said these would be for the Summer, but I think I’ll carry on for a wee while yet, if you don’t mind.

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