Cult of the Spiny Hog – The Challenges

People who aren’t in our wee Cult don’t really get to hear about what actually happens when you are a member. Oh, they may know that you get to enter all of the competitions for ‘Free’ (once you have paid to join) and that you get all of the beautiful books and pamphlets we publish too, but I tend to skip over the Challenges somewhat.

Which is a little daft as I am proud that each month all of the members get to have a competition of their own and most of the time, choose the winner themselves too.

We have just had a vote to decide the winner of our May Challenge and Jenna Plewes won and will be invited to take a six month writing ‘trip’ as part of Sue Burge’s epic ‘Writing Cloud.‘ This is a wicked prize and I think a lot of people will be quite jealous of her (me included.)

Prior to that we had our April Challenge, which saw us have a Stickleback competition that will see John Gosnell and Debjani Chatterjee both have a micro-collection pamphlet published featuring their work and receive 100 copies of their printed pamphlet each. How cool is that? Both of their entries were brilliant and again, the members of the Cult chose the winner. I love that sort of thing.

As for June’s challenge, I’m judging that one and I love the idea as I’ve asked people to think of an advertising slogan that, like a song, triggers a memory, and uses that as a basis of a poem. I’ve already received a few entries and every day look forward to seeing what appears in my inbox. There is such a diversity of approach and wonderful collective talent in our wee Cult, I’m, err, lovin’ it.

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  1. Has anyone else been having trouble getting through to Mark by email? I am not sure what is going on; Perhaps a junk folder of some sort? Anyway, hi, Mark, please email me. Congratulations on all of the winners of the recent challenges!

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