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Jeremy Reed

For those of you that love our lovely magazine Stickleback, I’m pleased to say that next week will see things getting a little bit more organised and predictable.

The original idea was that we would have two types of Stickleback:

  1. The single poet, micro-collection ones, which also would get a limited edition print run, and
  2. The multi-poet themed, anthology style ones, that would be mainly just downloadable.

There have already been quite a few, but it has all been quite ad-hoc and I think that perhaps it is time to change that.

So I’m pleased to say that from next week you will see a new Stickleback appearing twice every month, and you will no longer need to download them using the whole shopping cart thing.

To get us going the web site will change a wee bit and you will see the ones we have already published appearing again before we move forward with new titles. And there are plenty of them and they are all pretty darn tooting good.


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