Tree Poets : Shade of Fire Competition – Results

I’m really pleased to finally be able to announce the winners of our ‘Tree Poets’ competition, that aimed to find three poets to share a pamphlet for us to publish this year.

In many ways, I hate to admit that the competition didn’t go well, but despite the Post Office losing the entries and everything else, we got there in the end and I am more than happy to say that we decided to publish two such collections, such was the quality of the entries.

So the winners are, in no apparent order:

1. Jane Lovell
2. Frank McHugh
3. Jane Burn
4. Kate Garrett
5, Elizabeth Gibson, and
6. Kay Channon

Their work will be published, split across two pamphlets:

a. Tree Poets : Shades of Fire, and
b. Tree Poets : Flames of Ice

I hope you will join me in congratulating all of the winners.

Additionally, given that we were both delayed and had a change of judge due to this, I will be writing to everybody who entered the competition and inviting them to enter any other Hedgehog Press competition that they wish with our compliments.  

All the best

Mark Davidson
The Hedgehog Poetry Press

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