Countdown To Arfur – We Have Fauxlaroids

OK, I may be getting a little over-excited about all of this, this evening, but after what feels like far-too-long we are opening up to Pre-orders for Issue Uno of ‘A Restricted View From Under the Hedge’, and in true ‘Hog style, I finally got around to having a few happy snaps done today.

No fancy studio for us, nope. Just a rug and a badly lit living room but there we are, Rome wasn’t baked in a day, or something.

Anyway, there will probably be more updates tonight, but I have always loved finding old photographs in second-hand books, it is a real treat, and so we thought we would go along the same route and have a few ‘fauxlaroids’ in Arfur for people to find (although obviously only if you order from us as I can’t imagine Amazon and the rest taking to the idea.)

The photo shows some examples, I’m not actually sure what the final ones will look like, but there may be the odd note on them by the time they reach you. We’ll see.

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