Countdown to Arfur – We Have Covers

We mentioned a little while ago that cult artist, Kanoe West, had agreed to paint a picture for us that we could use for the cover of Arfur.

Top chap that he is, when it came time for it to be delivered, he arrived with a choice of two for us.

Now, being a little on the greedy side of the tracks we somehow managed to talk him into letting us use both of the paintings for the cover of the magazine. Not one for the front and one for the back as I think he assumed, but instead we had decided to have two editions of the magazine to celebrate it’s launch, the Trade Edition which is the one that will be available all over the place, and then a second one that is for a Limited Edition, Deluxe edition of the magazine.

More on that later, but I’m pleased to unveil the painting and the Trade Edition of ‘A Restricted View From Under the Hedge’ here, for the very first time. In fact this is the first time that Kanoe has ever had one of his paintings appear on the interweb at all, as it really isn’t his thing.

Well, apart from maybe if you noticed the picture earlier on one of our Fauxlaroids (ahem.)

Thanks to Kanoe, the man is a hero.

p.s. The ‘magazine’ in the photo is a mock-up – there is still plenty of room for your poetry and we still want submissions…

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