Countdown to Arfur – Pre-Order News – Part One

I very much doubt it is a surprise, as I’m sure if you are reading this you are well aware of how it works with the smallest of small presses, but just in case I’ll say it anyway – if you want to support us wee publishers, it is much better to buy direct than through, for instance, the Amazons of this world, as however cool and handy they are, they take a whopping great chunk of the money you are paying.

Not that I begrudge them – although we want to make Arfur and our books available everywhere, so if you want to get them through a bookseller, I’d suggest an Indie everytime – but I won’t let that stop me trying to bribe sway you in this direction first.

We have few natural advantages, but I’ll shake my tailfeathers just a quickly as the next chap.

So tomorrow (Friday the 15th December) sees us opening the door for pre-ordering of the Trade Edition of Arfur. Yay!

This is the book you can see with the Kanoe West cover and it is the one you will be able to buy from Amazon, Waterstones and just about any bookshop (though I won’t kid you that they won’t have to order it in for you – the number of shops stocking unknown poetry magazines is teensy & wee.)


So why would you buy it from us?

Well, I’m glad you asked as there will be a couple of advantages:

  1. You will get the magazine sooner. I know I’m not meant to say that, but you will as I’ll be doing the posting, so there.
  2. You will get our lovely Fauxlaroids tucked into the pages of the magazine to stun and surprise you as they fall out and flutter around your feet.
  3. You will get a lovely Hedgehog Press Badge (not actually the one in the photo as I forgot to order the ones I’m talking about here, but it will be cool anyway.)
  4. It will be delivered to your door for a few quid cheaper than anybody else will charge for it as we would rather you saved some money than gave it to Amazon.
    And every little helps…

You will be able to pre-order Arfur from this web site tomorrow, hope to see you back here.



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