Top Excitement Today

Today is all a little bit exciting and if I am totally honest, which I try to be with everything apart from calorie-counting, I’m already pacing the laminate flooring and wishing that we had a nice warm carpet, hoping that the postie will deliver the post before he goes to the pub today.

That normally gets a little messy.

Why am I bothered?

It isn’t for the usual ‘Brownies filled with misery,’ no, it is because our lovely printer is sending me three books.

Not that unusual, but this time they are a little bit special as they are copies of both ‘A Restricted View From Under the Hedge’ and our little anthology, ‘The Road To Clevedon Pier.’

Now I know what you are thinking, we’re still looking for submissions and competition entries for those, so what gives?

And you would be right to be confused if the inside of the books I’m hoping the Postie hasn’t dumped in the sea again, will be totally empty. Well, maybe a little bit of sample text, but otherwise poetry-less.

So what is the point of that?

I’m pleased you are still reading, but the point is that when we open up for subscriptions/pre-sales on the 15th of December (one for your diary there, I think) we thought it would be rather handy to be able to show you what the magazine and book will look like, especially as we have the magazine with a painting by Kanoe West on the cover now after spreading the original pretty picture around the interweb for the last month.

But why three books?

Ah, that is because Arfur will be available in two different covers, but more about that on the 15th.

Now where is my pedometer…


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