Shaking Our Tail Feathers – Pre-orders Open 15th December

I have to say, all this magazine publishing stuff is starting to feel a little serious.

Not only have we been working through the submissions, and I can’t stop smiling at that, but we are also going to open the floodgates on the 15th of December so that people can pre-order a copy of Arfur #1.

Oh I know, it will be madness, like the old days when people got excited about Black Friday and stormed the doors of Asda in the hope of a sniff of a 32″ Plasma, but we’ll have Police ‘hoolivans’ and teargas on hand, so I’m sure we’ll get through it as best we can.

All I would ask is that when the inevitable scalpers try and snap-up all of the copies and put them on eBay for ridiculous prices, you boycott them, as it really isn’t fair on anybody. And anyway, I’m sure there will be plenty to go around.

Far, far too many.



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