Reviews, We Have a Few, But Then Again..

I have to say that I am starting to feel a little bit better about the review ‘portion’ of young Arfur, as we have started to get a few books turning-up over the last few days.

In fact today’s were particularly fine as both have come across the Sea (Sea, Sea) from the rather cool Water Row Books, and are poetry collections from Lee Ranaldo, that we will be reviewing/talking with Lee about in one of our soonish issues.

One of the books is ‘ Against Refusing’, which was only ever released as a handmade edition of 100 signed and numbered copies, and it quite a beautiful thing even before you get to Lee’s poetry, which itself is pretty darn special.

If you don’t know Lee’s work, you may have heard his latest solo album, ‘Electric Trim’ which is many kinds of wonderfilled, and otherwise you will probably have heard him as part of Sonic Youth, a popular beat combo of the olden days.

As for the books – our plan is that all of the review copies we review will be randomly given to subscribers, or perhaps we should have a draw for a big box of them after each issue launches, we haven’t decided yet.




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